I’ve been asked to write about what inspires me to be a writer. This is a great, complex question, and the answer has several layers. Hopefully I’ll be able to touch on some of those layers with something approaching coherence.
Layer 1: I like stories. I’ve liked to read ever since...well, ever since I learned to read! Stories are freaking magical. On the one hand they provide a means of escape. Escape from the mundane, from our problems, from our own busy-dizzy minds. On the other hand they provide the opportunity for us to connect. Connect with each other (readers with authors, readers with other readers); connect with characters who introduce us to new ways of thinking and being; connect us with real issues that we face, but in such a way as to allow us to look at them a bit differently, to get a different perspective; connect us with our own emotions and values. Escape and connect at the same time. Like I said: freaking magical.
Layer 2: Using my imagination feels good and reveals more of myself to me. I love some of the wacky stuff that comes out of my fingers when I’ve been able to let go and let my imagination take over. Hah! It’s such a wonderful discovery! And afterwards, when I go back to read it again, I learn new things about myself. For example, after I wrote the first draft of “Crouch” (published on thedarkerhalf.com in April) I realized that it’s a story that tells my emotional truth about being in an emotionally abusive relationship in a way that’s compassionate to both people – the abuser and the abused. I’m still unraveling what the Lilly Frank trilogy is teaching me, but my kundalini energy starts flowing when I’m working on it or even just thinking about it, so I know something important is happening for me there.
Layer 3: Meaningful contribution. I remember a conversation I had with a classmate in college. We were talking about what we planned to do after college. She said she wanted to be a lawyer. I replied that I wanted to be a writer because I wanted to effect real change in the world. Yes, it was a bit rude. What I meant is that laws change only after people’s thinking has changed, and people’s thinking can change as a result of what they read. Therefore I write because I want to have a hand in creating the vision for our future, and I want to help explore ways of making that vision reality.
So...yeah. There you have it. My top three reasons for wanting to be a writer. :) I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this. Why do you read? Why do you write?
Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy Awakening 2!

Title: Awakening 2
Author: Jeanie Grey
Series: Lilly Frank (Novella)
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 1 2013

Awakening (Book 2 in the Lily Frank Series)

 The second book in The Lilly Frank series joins Torren and Lilly in northern Italy, where Torren tries to help Lilly adjust to her sensitive new vampire body and win her love before she discovers the real reason behind his interest in her. A newly made vampire requires a certain amount of time to get used to her new body and heightened senses. But Torren's worried that if Lilly doesn't hurry up, she'll be dead before she ever gets the chance to adjust to life as a vampire. Word among vampires is that someone's hunting their kind, and it's not a quick death if you're caught. This killer likes to torture the victims first, and all signs indicate that he or she is circling ever-closer to Torren and Lilly. Torren needs Lilly to stop fighting him and start trusting him. Maybe he shouldn't have deceived her...

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About the author: Jeanie Grey  
   Jeanie Grey is a feminist reader and writer of romance and erotica who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her short stories have been published on deadlyeverafter.com and thedarkerhalf.com. To date, over 1200 copies of her first novella, Awakening (2012), have been downloaded. Awakening 2, the second book in the Lilly Frank series, joins Lilly and Torren in northern Italy, where Torren attempts to win Lilly's love before she finds out the truth about his interest in her. The final installment in the Lilly Frank series, Awakening 3, is slated to be released in 2014.

You can find her at:Blog