Is it just me, or have hero's in popular fiction become less a hero and more a sidekick?
  And who the hell wants a sidekick for a hero, I want a hero to be just that the hero. I want him to swing in and save the day. I want him to jump off the page and save the day. I want him to be bigger then the book can contain, I want him to overwhelm me and take my breath away. I want the each and ever encounter to be breath taking and I want it to be the pricpess of the roller-coaster  Not the faithful sidekick giving advice and faithfully sticking at the side of the heroine to back her up on her quest for glory.
  Now don't get me wrong, I want my heroine to be kick ass as well. And the fact that more heroines are being written in YA, NA as the main role is wonderful. But why does the hero have to be put as the sidekick? How the hell did that happen? 

  But is it possible to have two kick-ass characters in one book? HELL YES!! Why the hell not? 


 -The Bone Season -- Paige totally kick ass Warden totally kick ass 

 -Sirantha Jax Series, -- Jax kicking space butt and taken names while flying space ships. March doing the same!!

 Lets go old school fantasy Tiger and Del by: Jennifer Robertson Tiger and Del are both cutthroat butt kickers. 

  Okay so now that examples have been provided I just want there to be equal footing given. And I know that I have named qualities above that are seriously unattainable and unrealistic even in fiction. But seriously what the hell happened to the HERO?
  Where Have All the HERO's Gone?