So I’ve been MIA for about 6 months. Did I mean to take 6 months off… first it was my day job was killing me. Then I had a personal tragedy that I just couldn’t get over. Then I had to finish book 3. And now I’m like I have to edit book 3 and start book 4. Everything is so overwhelming, life is so
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   So who did I let down by taking the time off? Just myself…
   Anyway so what is going on now? What can you expect from in the coming months? What is happening now that I have taken back control from the cyber gods that have taken control over my blog and website while I have floated over in la la land?
   Well I will be blogging at least once a week updating you will snippets from what I am working on… yeah… right?? So if you are excited about book 3 (Reaper Mine, Victors story) stay tuned because his story will be out this summer. Or sooner if I can get it edited and out of the door. Plus I am writing two stories right now. And it’s up in the air which one will take off and be the next book, all I will say right now is this: One is a Tracker book and another is a Reaper book.
   I will be Vlogging on my Youtube channel once a week doing book reviews, book hauls and fun stuff over there. So don’t miss out on that fun stuff. So if you haven’t subscribed to my channel make sure you run over there and do that. Hopefully I will be getting some fun author interviews up and going over there.
   Plus I am always doing lots of book reviews on my Goodreads page so don’t miss out on those. My first love is reading so I always have a book I am reading so don’t miss my snarky reviews over there.
   I’ll be updating my website with crazy Character Review from my books in the next month or so check my author website for that it will be awesome. 
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 Also I’ll be updating my blog with current information. And my schedule with what to expect from me int he coming months. So exciting, I'm really excited to be back and ready to attack all the wonderfulness of what's coming. Hope your ready for the ride. I have to admit the last 6 months have been really really difficult and hard emotionally and physically and I'm ready for something better and wonderful. And I'm ready to make that happen for myself and my amazing fans. So let's do this...
   So if that isn’t enough…which I think it might be. NO It total is enough. Wait just in case you are wondering:
   Reaper Mine (book 3) Published: Summer 2014
   Books 4 and 5 Fall and Winter 2014
   Now that is enough.
   I love to hear from fans. Much love and all that wonderful stuff.

   Where to find me and how to contact me: 

Picking Up After Taking Some Time Off

   You can email: Here