Someone recently asked me what I considered SUCCESS to be?!?!

 Money? Fame? Recognition? Best Sellers list? Becoming a household name? My books on everyone’s bedside? Or on everyone’s ereader? Being recognized when I go to the grocery store? Always getting 5 star reviews on each and every book I publish (Yes I have thought this through a little.)
 But do any of things matter? I would have to say yes, otherwise why would I have thought of them. But do they really mean SUCCESS?

 Here is a little unknown secret that not many writers and authors want people to know. Everyone has the ability to write. WHAT?
 I know, it’s shocking right?
 But here is the part that pulls an author apart from a ‘writer’. Imagination, and follow through. Anyone can put their ass in a chair and write. But can you finish?
 Ahhhh there it is… the crutch the mystical piece that eludes, that slips through the fingers, that makes writers, and novices and want to be authors cry into unfinished works in progress. The mystical ‘THE END’.
 It is so freaking hard to finish a 90,000 word manuscript. To have characters living in your head to get those characters stories out and on the page in a way which makes sense and not a jumbled multi-personality mess; that is a SUCCESS. Even if that story never sees the light of press that is a SUCCESS. Taking something from just an idea, a glimmer to a roaring fire. That is SUCCESS.
 That is what SUCCESS is to me. Every time I write: THE END I am a success.
 I may never be a bestseller, or a household name. But I’ve succeeded in doing something I never thought possible. I’ve written (as of this blog post 4 novels), that is SUCCESS. And I am a proud Indie published author.

 So let me know what you consider SUCCESS to be? 

Post it below, be proud, stand up and shout it out loud!!!