Questions Authors Hate To Be Asked

  The questions I hate to hear when people find out I'm an author.

  1.  Really? (Nope I'm lying to you.)
  2.  What do you write?/What's that? (Paranormal--urban fantasy -- look it up, go do it now I'll wait here, go do it now...GO NOW!!!)
  3.  Do you know so and so? So and So is such an amazing author...(nope, never heard of them, never ever! *fingers in ears lalalalala)
  4.  So are you going to quit your day job now or something? (head on desk *sigh)
 And to the people that know I'm an author

  1.  Will you put me in your next book? (yes, do you mind if I kill you off?)
  2.   Shouldn't you know that, I mean your an author and all? (Because authors know everything!?!? EVERYTHING I SAY)
  3.  I sure wish I could just sit around and "imagine" stuff for fun. (You can with the right type of medication)
  4.   When are you going to be done writing your next book? (I have no snarky remark for this, at any given moment I have so many ideas rolling around in my head. So many works in progress. Or god forbid I have nothing at all going on. And everything is silent. Either way this question has me wanting to drive a steak through your heart.)
  5.  So are you going to quit your day job now or something? (head on desk (repeatedly)*sigh)

 Are you an author? What questions do you hate to hear? Let me know below.

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