Don’t Plot It, Don’t Pants It, Just Write What Feels Good

  I can’t count how many writing classes I’ve taken on plotting. On character development, and the
  And I’ve been told in writing groups I need to plot. How much easier my writing process would be if I plotted everything out. But I was a tried and true pantsier. And those plotters looked down their nose at me in disdain.
  However, after taking an over a year and a half to write my last novel with my muse coming and going on me like a bipolar crack whore on a river that flowed either way given the time of day and the phase of the moon. I struggled with mental health issues, personal addictions, and demons make writing a HEA (happy ever after) seem impossible.
  And I realized I wasn’t really a pantsier either.
  The only time I could write was when I felt good. And even then it was a struggle. My characters where gun shy hiding in the recesses of my mind wondering what horrible catastrophe I might dream up for them now. Questioning ‘Would I truly allow them their HEA?’
  Today’s author can throw out ALL the old ‘rules’. As Indie authors pave new roads forward we can also pave new roads with our writing style. Don’t feel bad if you don’t ‘plot’ or if you’re a ‘pantsier’ or if you’re like me and you don’t write an hour a day, you don’t track your word counts or do character development.
  Nor do I necessary follow my character’s I write for my heart, and I write what makes me feel good.
  How does your writing style differ from the norm? Let me know below?

Let’s change the world one word at a time!!

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