A while ago I bought a bottle of champagne and put it up on the wall. If you walk into my house you would walk past it and not think anything of it. It looks like any other bottle of champagne in a wall hanging. But to me it’s different.
It’s my bottle… my special ‘bestseller’ bottle of champagne when I hit the ‘list’ the unheard of list. The almost unspoken of ‘list. The almost ‘list that should not be named’ list. But I am telling you know, it’s that list the bestseller list. When I hit that list, this special bottle is coming off the wall and I am breaking that bitch open. It’s my bottle, and I can’t wait to do it, I walk by that bottle every day and when I see I have a secret smile because I know. It’s my secret bestseller bottle, and one day, one day… It doesn't have to be soon (please let it be in the next five years).
That bottle has my name on it, and I will break it open and drink it. Okay not the whole thing myself, I’ll share it with my loved ones (maybe).

Do all authors have something like this? Do you have some secret thing you will do when you reach a milestone in your writing career? Let me know what it is? 

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