My iPhone or My Wobee

Otherwise known as “If you can pry if from my cold dead Fingers…”

  Do you have something like that? Something you feel you can’t live without? Something you are pretty sure you want to be buried with?
  It’s not that my life is in my iPhone, most of it is. But not all. I’m slightly old school I still have a daily planner, okay two. One for my blogging and one for work and one for my personal life stuff okay that makes three, and then I still try to put stuff in my iPhone calendar. But that’s because I have so many things I need to keep track of. And then I don’t miss anything, how can I have so many places to keep track.
  I have appointment, and notes, and ideas, to-do lists, that my iPhone just isn’t enough to hold everything. Keep in mind I am a little bit of a tech junkie I have my iPhone, two okay three calendars a Galaxy tablet, two laptops two To-do lists every day and multiple folders and notepads of ideas and lord only knows what else floating around my organized chaos that I call a traveling desk that I take with me every day and everywhere I go.
  But then I carry around my beautiful and wonderful iPhone, it holds my music and the pictures. And the special things that just mean home warmth and love and kindness to me.
  People I love contact me on my iPhone.
  When the world is too much, when I need to get lost?, I turn to my Wobee, I turn to my iPhone and plug in and tune out the world.
  I have a spectacular Wonder-Woman case because she is ummm WONDERFUL. I wanted to grow up and be Wonder-Woman when I was a child. And on my good days I like to think I am shades of the great and wonderful woman…(okay I said on my good days, and I said shades…let’s not judge to harshly).

We all need a Wobee, we all had one as children, what is your modern day Wobee? 

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