The Balancing Act

How to not get lost in the shuffling act.

  You know that shuffling act between being a fulltime wife/mother/day worker (computer programmer/computer analyst/janitor/teacher/graphic designer/engineer/ PR/truck driver) and the part time evening night worker of being an Author/blogger/and Marketer of your work.
  Writing it out is overwhelming enough much less actually living it.
  Life is overwhelming, and often impossible and a shuffling act any elite juggler would envy. So how do you handle the shuffling act between the fulltime act and the part-time passion?
  Now this isn’t some silly blog that is going to tell you to set appropriate goals, and set aside time for yourself and cut yourself slack. No I’m not going to tell you to be realistic about your goals, and the time you have during your day. I’m really going to give it to you straight. So put your big girl panties on and let’s get started.
  You’re about to hear some old things, and some new things. But I certain hope you hear something that you can use.

  1. Set realistic goals. –Sit down today right now and right down what your goals are for the remainder of 2014 do you have Conferences you want to attend in the next 12 months. Books sales increase that are driving you to do what you are doing? Increase in readership? What are your goals for the next 12 months? Right the suckers down.
  2. Do you have a Budget for your writing career? (You better have a budget for your writing career if not now is the time to get one. Set that thing up. Go do it now, I’ll wait….)
  3. Do you have a calendar? Put one together, I have a calendar for my work schedule, personal stuff (family, and my own stuff) blog, and misc., then I have a calendar where I put everything together. Yes that is 4 calendars, but it makes it so I don’t miss anything. It’s called a Balancing Act for a reason… (Again, do you have one? If not go set one up for the next week, I’ll wait…)
  4. Calendaring/Stickers/Loving your calendars (see below)
  5. How many email accounts do you have? (And how often do you go through them?)
  6. Do you To Do? You should To-Do… (Again, I’ll wait.) Are you tired yet? Because if you didn’t have even one of things above and stopped to do them you should be just a little tired. Getting yourself organized is tiring but it’s worth it. In my article Do you To-Do I explain how important it is to have a buy into to your author business.
  7. Now put all this together in a 3 ring binder. And this is the beginnings of your balancing act.
  8. Calendaring – This is one of the most important parts of the balancing

  Why is Calendaring the most important part you may ask? Or is this self-explanatory? Keeping track of all the important moments coming and past.
  So how many calendars do you have?
  How many do you need?
  Let me know? And if you ever see me stop me and check mine out. I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive with stickers and notes. I would honestly be lost without it.

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