What Happened to the Mystery in Marketing

  *Please keep in mind this is my opinion only.

  Am I a prude? (I might be, and I think it’s okay) Have I lost touch with what people are looking for? (Have I? Please let me know.)   What happened to leaving fans wanting more? Leaving them breathless with needing? Leaving them so desperate they can’t help but run out and buy your book. Run out and tell their friends/family/people they run into at the grocery store (okay that may be pushing it, but wouldn’t that be great?!?!) about the book they just bought?
  We never want to leave them running away, leave them not wanting to finish reading out promo’s. But I have seeing a very disturbing trend in promo’s lately. A trend that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended. And what trend is that you may ask… Well it’s a trend of using bad words in promo’s and not just any bad words. But the mother of all bad words, the bad words that are whispered even in the romance genre. And I like to think I’m a progressive woman, I sold sex toy’s for a while back in the day so I think I’ve been around the block. I’ve heard it all before so I don’t blush when I hear those words. But I do pause when I see them in my Facebook and twitter feed for all the mass’s to view. I mean are those words a mass production viewable words? The prude in me blushes ten shades of red, but feminist me in shouts yes they should be. But then I sit back and think about who is viewing those words, who might see them.
  And I think hmmm, those really aren’t mass viewing words.
When speaking with a group of author friends, the consensus was the same. Promos should always leave potential readers wanting more, leave potential readers with a burning desire to go out and buy out books right then and their, not leave them thinking did I just see that word? And certain trigger words turn readers off so what words are they?

  • Top 3 offenders:
    • Pussy
    • Cock
    • Cunt
    • Another word I’m not sold on in promos is the dreaded F word. But that is a borderline word for me. If used right it can leave a reader wanting more, but if used incorrectly it can leave a reader cold.
      But I have to stop and ask if maybe I have lost touch with what is going on with the world. After all I don’t write erotica, or really hard core sex in my books so my blurbs and my promos wouldn’t have these words in them. In fact in my most recently published book Reaper Mine, out of the top 3 offenders I used the ‘p’ word 3 times and ‘cock’ 13 times and didn’t use the other ‘c’ word at all. As for the ‘F’ word? I used it almost 60 times, and that would be why I am on the borderline with that one.
      But I haven’t used any of those words in my promos, in fact I took them out of my promos several times when they came up so they wouldn’t offend people.
      The last thing we want to do when we are trying to find, and gather new fans is offend them on the pitch with one simple word.
      So both as a reader and an author in me is left wondering why the trend to catch fans authors are using those ‘words’ that will undoubtedly get them attention but not necessarily get them fans or readers. 

  •   What do you think? Is this a trend that is showing the progression of the ‘romance’ or ‘erotic’ genre or is it progressive marketing? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think

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