What I’ve learned from going through Security at the Airport.

 So I’m not the most well-traveled person in the world. But I have traveled outside of the USA several times. And I’ve traveled through my fair share of airport security, and here is what I’ve learned.

  • You can’t avoid airport security so suck it up buttercup you’re going to have to put your items in that cold little tub and walk through the x-ray machine like everyone else.
  • The security people typically don’t like you either. They deal with hundreds (if not more) of people a day. Do you honestly think YOU are special?
  • Speaking in code, regardless of the reason, is a bad idea when standing in a security line. (If you would like the back story please ask me next time you see me in person. I think it’s hysterical, my husband not so much.)
  • Speaking as a person of olive skin color I get searched 8 out of 10 times. My husband an Irish gentleman, gets waved through… Am I upset? NO I’m happy that the flight I am on is secure. End of story.
  • The x-ray machine?!?! I’m just happy someone wants to see me in all my glory.
  • Baggage fee’s suck. (Okay this might just be a pet peeve but seriously, really airlines? ReallY?)

 In a nutshell? I am super nice to the security at the airport, they have to deal with a lot of sh!t. I can’t begin to imagine what their jobs are like and I know I would HATE to do that job. I just know I wouldn’t be able to do it. Just one person complaining about taking their shoes off and I would beat them to death with that plastic tub. Let’s see you make your flight now.

 The Airport is its own world, why make it worse by messing with security!

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