My 1st Ever Book Signing 

I was so nervous moving up to the event I was giving myself panic attacks. Being an author is a solitary so stepping out of my solitary world was difficult to say the least. I was worried I would be left be alone, a drift in a sea of people. That I would sit all alone, that nobody would even come up to my table. But that was far from the case.
First of all Stacy and the crew from Hastings were just amazing. They knew exactly what they were doing and had control of the Authors fair and the crowd. They did social media boots during the event to bring more people into the book fair and were 100% professional throughout. They walked among the crowd on the floor mingling with guests and authors always making sure everyone had everything they needed. It was a very well hosted event. My only drawback or irritation was the sound system wasn’t very good, but I don’t think Stacy or Hastings had any control over that.  I wish I had gotten pictures of Stacy and his wonderful crew. Lesson learned for next time.
As for my personal experience? As I mentioned earlier being an author is a very solitary job, and throwing myself out into a crowd like this book fair was terrifying to say the least. It felt like stage
diving and I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a crowd out there to catch me. Thank god there were!
I was so glad to meet so many author friends both new and old. And the friends and family that came to support me at my first event was overwhelming and filled my heart to near bursting. But the fans that came really touched my heart as well. You guys make the writing worthwhile. You guys make the stage diving worth the jump. 

My table at the book signing

Another view of me and my table!!
Me and a great friend who came to support me.

Here are some of the other great authors at the book signing with me:

Best Selling author: Lisa Bingham

Author: Kelli Ann Morgan

Author: Darby Briar

I honestly had such an amazing time. If you didn't get a chance to make it to this event I will be signing books at another event. 

  • Upcoming Book Signing
    Location: Community United Methodist Church Holiday Boutique, Washington Terrace, 163 W 4800 S, Ogden, Ut.
    Date: November 13-14, 2015
    Time: Fri-1:00pm to 6:00pm & Sat-9:00am to 4:00pm

I will have awesome swag and everyone who buys a book will get a free coffee mug.

If you think you can't wait for my next live event you can always order a signed copy of one of my books here.