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When I set out to become a published author I never thought for a moment that anyone would want to contact me... Or that I would have a fan base...I just wanted to write, I just wanted to share these stories I had swimming around in my head with people. I love to create these stories its a passion with me. And then a 'fan' and actual FAN told me I needed to have a 'contact me' page. And I was like what? Why? And this fan looked at me like I was insane and said... "Um because your fans might want to share with you how your books have touched them." "WHAT?" Okay that floored me. I couldn't imagine that my writing could have touched someone. And if that someone is you, OMG I love you! Please email and tell me about it. So here is my contact information. Like I said above I love writing, and reading and sharing my 'little stories' with people. And can't wait to hear from any and all my fans.

Send me an email @: Christie's Email

Want me to present at workshop or conference? I love to present in front of people, and do fun and interesting topics. Contact me via email to see if I am available.

Sex Ed and the Modern Day Romance Writer

  This class is not for the weak at heart, and has participants rolling in the seats. As a former saleswoman of adult sex products I learned quite a bit about the adult sex industry and brought that knowledge to my writing.
  And now I share the knowledge with my fellow authors. Don’t miss out on this fun and interactive class.

The cost of being an Indie Author

  I’ll show authors how to calculate the cost of being a author.
  Spreadsheets, and PowerPoints. This is a heavily informative class for anyone interested in knowing the money, and cost behind what it costs to be an Indie author.

Where the Hell Did my Muse Go…
Sometimes the best answer is to KILL’EM ALL… 

(Getting Past Writers Block)

Putting Your Big Girl Panties On and Reading Those Reviews

  One of the hardest parts of being an author is reading those reviews. But understanding that there is something to be learned even in the harshest review will make you a better author. So let’s slip on or big girl panties and maybe a glass of wine and see what those reviews have to say about our baby.

What makes YOU stand out?

  Are you unique? What makes you stand out above and beyond all the others? Why should Jane fan buy your book?
  What’s your brand? And is it making you money? Let’s brainstorm what makes YOU stand out from all the rest.


Do you have a book you want me to review?
A Blog Tour  to host?
Any kind of interview of Guest hosting you are interested in?

Please follow the instructions below.

Book Reviews: I would love to review your book. However, I am booking out about a month in advance. 
I am a blog tour host for several online tour companies and love to interview and have guest hosts on my blog. As with my book reviews I book out about a month and a half currently for  guest posts and interviews on my blog. 
If that isn't a problem email me with the following information:
1. Name
2. email 
3. Book review/blog tour stop/guest host
4. book or author information
5. Time span your are looking at. 

I update this information as I can and look forward to hearing from you. 

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